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About Me

This is my about page. It is supposed to be a story of myself, my semi-personal detail and interests.

Sawasdee (hello)! The name is Natch Khongpasuk. I am a graduate from Chiang Mai University with a B.E. in Computer Engineering (2015). In my early years, I lived in Yala, the southernmost province of Thailand. I moved to Chiang mai during the start of insurgency in the area.

Fast forward a few years, I attended a Bachelor of science in computer engineering program at Chiang Mai University. During this period, I got exposed to multiple facets and possibilities of computer science, ie. networking, embeded system, robots, artificial intelligence, software development, game development, up-and-coming data science and the list goes on. Do not take this the wrong way, the program does a good job covering basic knowledge on every topic in the list. However, being an indesicive late teenager I was, I could not settle my mind on what and where I should begin my career.